Deposit: CCM CAT 375L Demolition Excavator 1:48


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Deposit Only
Production: TBD  Price: $259.95

19 in stock

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$50 Deposit Only
Cat 375L Demolition Excavator
Made by: CCM/Classic Construction Models
Production: TBD  Price: $259.95
Dimensions: 12.1″ length, 3.4″ width, 3.9″ height
Precision Scale:
1:48   Material: Diecast  
Production year: TBD
Reach boom, R4.4H stick, MP40 Shears, Demolition screens, opening cab door, detailed instrumentation, control levers & foot pedals, seat-mounted joystick controls, handrails & ladders, accurate hydraulic lines, functional track tensioners, individually linked, free-rolling tracks

Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy, Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec prochure reproduction


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