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The new Keystone Construction Diecast web site is now complete and hope you will visit and come back often.  The past couple years have been very busy and has taken me in a new direction for the future of Keystone Construction Diecast.  I will be specializing in making kits and complete models from the Alan Smith molds that I purchased several years ago.  I have received requests for custom work and am in the process of updating my work space to complete these projects.  I find that this is where I would like to expand the next part of my business future.  I will continue to sell unique and rare models plus all new releases from Classic Construction Models.  I am always looking for collections to purchase.
If you have any comments or suggestions on the Keystone Construction Diecast web site send me an email.  Butch
ATTENTION: If you have any problems with emails or purchases while we are in the process of  completing the final updates on the new web site email me directly at: butch@keystonediecast.com or call 814-329-1106


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